VMware vSphere Courses
VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, ManagePopular[v7.x],[v8.0]
VMware vSphere: Operate, Scale and SecurePopular[v8.0]
VMware vSphere: Optimize and ScalePopular[v7.0]
VMware vSphere: Fast TrackPopular[v8.0]
VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting[v7.0],[v8.0]
VMware vSphere: Design[v8.0]
VMware vSphere: Advanced Administration[v8.0]
VMware vSphere: What's New[v8.0]
VMware Data Center Virtualization: Core Technical SkillsPopular
VMware Multi-Cloud Courses
VMware Cloud Foundation: Deploy, Configure, ManagePopular[v5.0]
VMware Cloud Foundation: Troubleshooting[v5.0]
Migrating to VMware Cloud Foundation[v5.0]
VMware Cloud on AWS: Design, Configure, Manage 2023Popular
VMware Cloud Director: Install, Configure, Manage[v10.4]
VMware Cloud Director Advanced Networking with NSX-T Data Center[v10.2]
VMware Cloud Director: Advanced Workshop[v10.2]
VMware HCX: Deploy, Configure, Manage
VMware Cloud Director: Deploy, Configure, Manage[v10.5]
VMware Kubernetes and Tanzu Courses
VMware vSphere with Tanzu: Deploy and Manage[v7.0]
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid: Install, Configure, Manage[v2.0]
Kubernetes Fundamentals and Cluster OperationsPopular
VMware Tanzu Mission Control: Management and Operations 2024
VMware vSAN and SRM Courses
VMware vSAN: Install, Configure, ManagePopular[v7.x],[v8.x]
VMware vSAN: Plan and Deploy[v7.0]
VMware vSAN: Management and Operations[v7.0]
VMware vSAN: Troubleshooting[v7.0],[v8.0]
VMware Site Recovery Manager: Install, Configure, ManagePopular[v8.6]
VMware NSX-T and NSX Courses
VMware NSX: Install, Configure, ManagePopular[v4.0]
VMware NSX-T Data Center: Install, Configure, Manage[v3.2]
VMware NSX: Troubleshooting and Operations[v4.x]
VMware NSX: Design[v4.x]
VMware NSX for Intrinsic Security[v4.x]
Migration from VMware NSX for vSphere to NSX-T
VMware NSX-T Data Center: Multisite Deployments with Federation
VMware vRealize Suite Courses
VMware Aria Automation: Install, Configure, ManagePopular[v8.1]
VMware Aria Automation: Orchestration and Extensibility[v8.13]
VMware Aria Automation: Advanced Topics[v8.13]
VMware vRealize Automation SaltStack Config: Deploy and Manage[v8.4]
VMware vRealize Automation SaltStack SecOps: Deploy and Manage[v8.6]
VMware vRealize Automation: Orchestration and Extensibility[v8.6]
VMware vRealize Automation: Troubleshooting[v8.6]
VMware vRealize Operations: Install, Configure, ManagePopular[v8.6]
VMware vRealize Operations: Advanced Use Cases[v8.x]
Troubleshooting VMware vRealize Operations[v8.x]
VMware vRealize Operations for Operators[v8.6]
VMware Aria Operations for Logs: Install, Configure, Manage[v8.12]
VMware Aria Operations for Networks: Install, Configure, ManagePopular[v6.8]
VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle: Install, Configure, Manage[v8.1]
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